With over 8 years in businesses it is obvious there would be many ups and downs! Tired of seeing the perfect side of business where everyone has it all going on, I am sharing my REAL business journey to shine a light on what really happens behind the scenes, and to inspire and encourage other women on their journey. So much can be learned from sharing our stories. Every challenge we face along the business or entrepreneurial journey is all part of the adventure! xx Carly



Something happened today. Something that I guess to some could have been nothing, but the last 6 months of deep personal development and getting in tune with my soul has me knowing otherwise. That today was supposed to happen.

Every Friday, my son’s school has Worship. I was never exposed to faith as a child, when I reached year 12 and spent my year at a catholic school I was the only one fascinated in the compulsory religion topic. I guess I should have realised then that there was more to me than I knew, that there was a reason I found it so intriguing. I had been to worship once before, but for some reason every friday I had something else that I had to do and couldn’t get there. Today I made the effort.

Normally in the Multi Purpose Hall, today we were in the chapel which is rare. Where words of Joy, Peace, Love and Hope adorned the wall. Where the music echoed with power through the high ceilings and the sounds of the kids singing and clapping brought each one of those words to life. I chose a spot upstairs, a long pew where there was no-one else. I took a seat, the sun was streaming through one of the narrow windows, but it didn’t look like it was on my seat until I sat down, and of course it was right into my eyes. So I shuffled down the seat. 10 minutes later, the sun again was in my eyes, so I moved again. By the 3rd time, I give in. So I sat there, bathed in the beautiful sunshine, lit up on the inside by the song and energy in the chapel, embracing the experience.

This personal and spiritual journey over the last 6 months has had me do so much reflection. I began to think more about this light shining on me today during my drive home and it dawned on me.

For my whole life, I have often tried to shy away from being in the light. I have always been dedicated, determined and passionate, but haven’t wanted to be ‘too’ much of that for fear of what others will think, or if they would try and pull me down a notch. I would downplay my achievements or my abilities, often thinking that others could do it too so I wasn’t really anything special. It was my business coach that told me recently that not everyone is like me, that I am one of a kind, that I have a potential that not even I realise…. yet (this is why you need a business coach, he has been amazing for bringing me out of my shell! But that is a blog for another day!). At school, I was a high achiever, in the gifted and talented groups, in the advanced classes and given other opportunities to extend myself which I would embrace with open arms. I event earnt my first mobile phone with 6 terms of straight A’s (Thanks Dad and our family friend Dave for the challenges!)! But I was also bullied. I was an easy target, a ‘square’, I would cry at the drop of the hat (still do) and I would always do the right thing. It has only dawned on me today that those years of bullying that saw me shrink and shy away, just wanting to be ‘normal’ (whatever normal is), have led me to dim my light as an adult. To not shine too brightly, for fear of being a target.

Today the universe and my guides were giving me a reminder I can’t ignore anymore. The light was being shone on me for a reason, and I couldn’t escape it, and today I actually didn’t want too. When I reflected on the achievements of the women I have nurtured, their growth personally and in their businesses, I again realised that what I have to offer this world is unique. I have a gift and ability to weave people together, to see things outside of the box and to pull together pieces of a puzzle to create a whole. I can innovate in ways that others haven’t before or had the guts to do. I am brave, I am courageous, I am smart and I am here to make a difference (a difference I have already begun). I have been sharing the same message with my nurturees, to spread their light and not to be afraid to shine bright, that I needed to hear myself! And I am reminded that no longer am I that young girl that was bulllied. I am now a woman. A strong woman who has been through more in her 32 years of life than many have been in 60. A woman who is now standing tall, and owning her purpose here on this earth. A woman who is now, FINALLY, ready to stand up and damn well shine!!!

So this is my promise to the women of the world. That no longer will I try and avoid the light. No longer will I dim my shine because of fear, for doing so is denying me the opportunity to work with more amazing women. And it’s exhausting holding back when I have so much to share and do in this lifetime! I also know that together we can create more of an impact on this world, and right now it needs us all and the talents and gifts that only we have to make it a better place. We no longer need to be scared to shine. This is our time. And the world needs me and I am ready to step up and into who I was always meant to be.

xx Carly

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