Just take one step…

I love my Inner Circle girls and the way they come so willingly and openly to our group sessions, not only sharing themselves, but also giving to others in the group. Together we hold a beautiful space.

As the girls spoke today, I listened and thought about how much of business is always about just taking one step. Just one step in the direction towards our goals. One step out of our comfort zone. Where we are now is made up of many steps, from the moment we started walking, to learning at school, to heading into the workforce… We never lose the steps we have already made. We just kept putting one on another. A series of steps that we build upon, almost a bit like the steps of the stairs!

But what happens if you are stuck? What happens when you aren’t sure where to go next? Or what the right path is? Or where you should go? What is the right step??

This was what a nurturee and I spoke about after this mornings session.

And so what do you do?

My nurturee and I are very similar, our brains are busy. We can be doing a mundane task and think of how that could be done better, how it could become a business, how it could be expanded into new products… It is exhausting sometimes. But it is such a gift. It allows us to see things that others may not. It allows us to see the vision easily. But sometimes it can be hard to know which steps we should take and in which direction – because there are so many options!

So what did I suggest?

Just take ONE step.

One step forward. One step up one set of stairs. Give it a try. Get a feel for it. Is it filling your Joy Bank? Does it feel right? If not, then pivot slightly and take one step in a slightly different direction. You can create any set of stairs you choose!

You will ALWAYS learn or grow from taking that one step. That one step is never wasted, even if it doesn’t turn out to be the step that leads you to your bigger vision. And if you are like us and a planner or visionary? It will help to pull you back to the present. Rather than your mind being 30 steps ahead, you can pull it back to the here and now. To focus just on the one step you are making today.

Business can be overwhelming, but really it’s just a series of steps. Go on, you can do it! Just take one today!

Business can be overwhelming, but really it’s just a series of steps. Go on, you can do it! Just take one today!