I have long said it takes a village to raise a business, and the Inner Circle is your village!

The Inner Circle is a group business nurturing offering. Each circle is a small group of fellow women in business who understand the ups and downs, who are on the same journey as you but with their own path and who will become your business cheerleaders.

An Inner Circle will help you:

– Set realistic intentions for your business, so you can work sustainably towards your long term goals. With the added accountability of monthly sessions.
– Have your own business village with a select group of fellow women on the business journey with you (maximum of 6 per group).
– Bring Clarity and Flow into your business.
– Create a a clear vision and direction for you and your business and be clear on your own unique version of success.
– Provide a safe space to ask questions, nothing is too silly here! Each session will have a group nurturestorm to allow you to seek collective advice from your fellow nurturees.
– Take a holistic approach encompassing body, soul AND business.

You will be surrounded with women who understand the issues, challenges and hurdles you may face right here, right now. Each session is held in the first week of the month so that we can reflect on the month that was, release and then set for the month ahead. Sessions run for approximately 2 hours.

The Inner Circle is limited to 6 women and will have a facebook messenger group thread to reach out for support, share celebrations and stay in touch in between sessions. There is a quarterly intake, with the option to continue into the next quarter. We become part of your business team, so you must be willing to commit for 3 months (paid monthly). This intake closes June 30th.


This circle are for women who already have their business underway, but are in the first few years of business OR are in the process of realigning their existing business OR stepping into their business at a higher capacity (ie. reducing employment to increase business hours.

Thursday Morning, 9:30am
Starts JULY 7th 2022
CLOSES June 30th

Includes an initial 1:1 session in June, monthly group nurturing sessions (approx. 2 hours) and quarterly NurtureBook

Investment: $167 (SA Woman Members: $147.)