Firstly, congratulations on making it here! It’s a huge step to say that you too deserve to be nurtured and you are ready to take the next step in your business journey! Well done!

You may be feeling a mix of emotions right now. Perhaps some overwhelm or maybe feeling relieved that you are in the right place and there is someone here to hold your hand and help you take the next step.

You are the most important asset to your business, and that is why I take a holistic approach to working with the gorgeous women I am blessed to nurture. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to women in business, which is why I tailor the experience for each woman I am blessed to work with.

When it comes to nurturing, Joy is at the core of all I do. And then, three words, Body, Soul and Business. We will spend time looking at the whole picture of who you are and your business, working side by side to take you from where you are now, to where you would like to be – all the while enjoying the journey along the way.

We will work together to nourish all three areas of your body, your soul and your business, to bring a real sense of joy to the soul and to the work you do and bring you to a space where you are thriving in all aspects of your life. And most importantly you will be encouraged to do it all YOUR way. Then you will truly flourish!

Below is further information on my business nurturing offerings and the investment for a session with me. Currently, availability is limited and I provide sessions as women require them, rather than a long term or monthly commitment. Sessions are available by enquiry only and then a time is made that works for you. You can get in touch by emailing me at or sending me a Private Message at my facebook page – She Nurtures with Carly Thompson-Barry

I look forward to nurturing you soon!



Nurturing you 1:1 allows us to focus exclusively on your business and your needs. I will hold space to empower you to uncover and set in motion the steps you need to create your own success. If needed I will share my knowledge and experience from my 13+ years on my own business journey.

After going through your pre session questionnaire, we will work through anything from juggling workload, success statements, cashflow, bookkeeping, branding, websites, customer love, business planning, outsourcing, social media, marketing, self-care, wellbeing, seeking clarity and more.

We will work together to identify any significant hurdles and work through them. We will conclude with setting tasks to work on following our session.



Business Nurturing Sessions allows us to spend lot’s of time focused on YOU. We will go in depth into your business and various facets to empower you towards your goals. All while holistically incorporating body, soul and business. Like all sessions you will leave with some actionable steps to progress forward.

There are no lock-ins (excluding the upfront 3 month package), and you can book in as often or as little as you need. 

– 1:1 90 minute – This is ideal as your first session and also for future sessions where you need more than one area covered. 
– 1:1 45 minute – this is great to cover one are you need additional support with or follow ups after a 90-minute session. 
– 3 month package – For those who know they need consistent sessions and accountability, this is a great option. We begin with a 90 minute session in month 1 and then follow with a 45 minute session in month 2 and 3. 


I have long said it takes a village to raise a business, and the Inner Circle is your village!

A small group of fellow women in business who understand the ups and downs, who are on the same journey as you but with their own path and who will become your business cheerleaders.

An Inner Circle will help you:
– Bring Clarity and Flow into your business.
– Create a a clear vision and direction for you and your business and be clear on your own unique version of success.
– Set realistic intentions for your business, so you can work sustainably towards your long term goals. With the added accountability of monthly sessions.
– Have your own business village with a select group of fellow women on the business journey with you (maximum of 6 per group).
– Provide a safe space to ask questions, nothing is too silly here! Each session will have a group nurturestorm to allow you to seek collective advice from your fellow nurturees.
– Take a holistic approach encompassing body, soul AND business.

As women are at varying stages of business, each Circle is designed for a specific stage of business:

First Thursday of the Month:
Morning: This circle are for women who already have their business underway, but are in the first few years of business OR are in the process of realigning their existing business OR stepping into their business at a higher capacity. 

Lunchtime: This circle is for women who are further into their business (2+ years), they already have the foundations laid and may even have a team, a space and a client load/customer base. 

First Wednesday of the Month:
Evening: This Circle is for women who have startup businesses and are very early in their business journey or are turning a hobby into a business.